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Thursday, 20 July 2017

Short biography of Henry Derozio (1809-31)

Hello friends in this post you will read a Short  biography of Henry Derozio .

Short biography of Henry Derozio .
Short biography of Henry Derozio .

The history of Indian poetry in English starts with Henry Louis Vivian Derozio who was half Indian and half  Portuguese by birth . Derozio was obviously influenced by the Romantics, but the theme of his poetry is wholly Indian ; he loved the country , its people and its traditions , and made them the subject-metter of his poetry.

     Derozio , whose life was cut short at the early age of twenty -two is the first our 'Inheritors of unfulfilled renown'. He wrote mostly lyrics and sonnets , But he also wrote a long narrative poem,  "The Fakir of Jungheera" , in which he discribed the strange vicissitudes of the life of a young Brahmin window, Nuleeni .

 The poem is characterized by many Byronic echoes, But the voice of an ardent social reformer also can be heard . Derozio's poetry is sensuous and passionate , and there is command of metre and an ear for sound which immediately bring to mind keat's poetry .
    Derozio's lived a simple and courageous life and , after death ,found a resting place in India which makes one think that he wrote the poem "The poet's Grave" with himself in mind.