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Sunday, 26 November 2017

Top 10 Banks of Bangladesh

Top 10 Banks of Bangladesh!

Banks in Bangladesh

Post independence time, the growth of banks in Bangladesh took a leap. With the entry of overseas and local private banks, today the banking service in Bangladesh has became a hallmark. Here are the top 12 banks of Bangladesh:

1. HSBC Bank: Briefly known as HSBC

Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd. is a multinational banking and financial agency with its headquarters in London. It has its branches all across the world. With the experts in financial management, modern technologies, banking experts and with its large financial assets, HSBC is one of the top choices of Bangladeshi people in terms of banking services.

The first branch of HSBC in Bangladesh was opened in December 1996, and since then it has been rendering various financial services to the people of Bangladesh. With its client-friendly financial services like, cash management, payment, treasury, trade services, custody and clearing, and consumer and commercial banking etc, it stands in the list of the top banks of Bangladesh.

2. Sonali Bank

Sonali Bank is considered to be the largest bank of Bangladesh. It is the Nationalized Commercial Bank, and it got this status under Banks’ Nationalization Order 1972.

Providing a long range of financial services, it is one of top choices of the people of Bangladesh. At present, it has about 1201 branches; 854 and 345 branches are located in rural and urban areas respectively.

3. Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited

Briefly known as IBBL, the Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited is one of the leading commercial banks managed by the private players.

In the year 1999, it was awarded the Best Bank of the Country by London based prestigious magazine named Global Finance. The same magazine again awarded IBBL the same award in the year 2000. Rendering excellent banking solutions and services to the people of Bangladesh, it gained popularity.

4. Dutch Bangla Bank Limited

Dutch Bangla Bank Limited is renowned for technologically being advanced bank. Also, its innovation is one of its most salient features. Briefly known as DDBL, it is a joint venture. This joint venture was brought into existence by the efforts of Dutch company FMO and the shareholders of Bangladesh, led by M Sahabuddin Ahmed.

Since its inception, this bank has focused on financing the manufacturing industries. It is also the first bank in Bangladesh that enjoys the status of being fully automated. With its largest network of ATMs all over Bangladesh, it also renders ATM services to the ATM card holders of all the other banks.

5. State Bank of India

State Bank of India, at present, is rendering banking services in 32 countries. It is known as the largest bank in India, and it also provides commendable banking services to the people of Bangladesh.

It is one of the fortune five hundred companies, and it is a commercial bank with Government of India as its major shareholder. It provides high standard banking services in Bangladesh.

6. Habib Bank Limited

Briefly known as HBL, Habib Bank Limited is a commercial bank of Pakistan run by the private players. Its functioning started in Bangladesh in 1976, and since then it has kept opening new branches. Under individual banking services, it provides the services like car loan, home loan, credit card, debit card, fast transfer and phone banking etc.

Business clients benefit from its long range of services like commercial banking, investment banking, corporate banking, Islamic banking, cash management, global treasury and asset banking etc. At present it has five branches in Bangladesh.

7. Janata Bank Limited

Janata Bank Limited has 844 branches in Bangladesh, and 4 branches in United Arab Emirates. As the second largest commercial bank of Bangladesh, it operates all over Bangladesh. It also consists of an Italy based subsidiary company known as Janata Exchange Company SRL.

8. Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered Bank is the largest international bank in Bangladesh. It has employed more than 1,300 employees, and operates through 26 branches. It also has seven financial kiosks and 57 ATM booths.

9. Prime Bank Limited

Established in the year 1995, Prime Bank Limited is a commercial bank and is managed privately. It is one among the few banks in Bangladesh that follows and operates as per the international standard of finance and banking.

10. Grameen Bank

The research of Professor Muhammad Yusuf in 1976 contributed to the inception of Grameen Bank. The bank focuses its services at the poor and marginalized.

The poor people in rural areas, women, disadvantaged etc are the target-clients of this bank. This bank operates through 2565 branches in all over Bangladesh. Grameen Bank is a Nobel Prize winner institute.